Прилад для швидкого та точного вимірювання якості темперування шоколаду


This device is an indispensable tool for working with chocolate masses, when it is necessary to determine the degree of tempering of chocolate to obtain a high-quality final confectionery product, since it is very important for everyone to get a chocolate product with a glossy shine, a crisp break and without graying.

Using samples, the chocolate temperature meter measures temperature changes during cooling and displays the measurement result in real-time graph and a numerical index value on the screen at the end. This allows you to evaluate the quality of the resulting chocolate dough. Tempermeter stores the results in internal memory with the ability to view the results on the screen.

A built-in printer allows the operator to print the result using Ethernet, USB or Wi-Fi to transfer the results to a personal computer running Windows. An industrial integrated computer with a powerful processor, highly sensitive temperature sensors, a thermostable sensor camera and an integrated electronic refrigerator provides accurate and reliable determination of the chocolate temperament index. Modern software, an intuitive interface, a color touch screen with a tilt to the operator, an industrial building, convenient connectors for industrial equipment for sensors and a variety of interfaces for communicating with a PC simplify the operator’s work.


Go to Built-in printer of Tempermeter

Built-in printer of Tempermeter

Print result directly from Tempermeter


Built-in electronic cooling element

Go to Thermostatic chamber of Tempermeter’s sensors

Thermostatic chamber of Tempermeter’s sensors

Thermostatic sensor’s chamber of the Tempermeter for precision results

Go to Tempermeter operator’s display

Tempermeter operator’s display

Tempermeter’s color touch screen of the Operator

Tempermeter set of delivery

• Case for transportation and storage
• Tempermeter
• Adapter for temperature sensor
• Cooler cover
• Temperature sensor 2 pcs
• Power cord
• Ethernet cord
• USB drive with documentation and software
• Resistor for checking the device
• Users manual
• Cups for chocolate samples

External view of the Tempermeter

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