juin 26, 2020

Technical specification

Parameter Name Value
Temperature measurement range by external sensor, °С -10…+50
Imprecision of reproduction of temperature on the display screen, °С ±0.1
Imprecision of reproduction of temperature in memory, °С ±0.01
Temperature range of the cooler, °С +5…+20
Constancy of setting the temperature of the cooler, °С ±0.1
Cooling time from 20°С to minus 0°С, min 4
Temperature setting range in the sensor heating chamber, °С 20..35
Discreteness of the measurement time shown on the display, sec 2
The number of experiments stored simultaneously in the appliance memory 9000
Maximum time allotted for one experiment in the archive, min 20
Power of heating elements, W 40
Interfaces USB flash drive, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Indication (Touch Screen) 800 х 480 pixels
AC supply voltage, V 110…230 V, 50 / 60Hz
Maximum power consumption, W 75
Ambient temperature range, °С 22 ± 5
Weight, kg not more 2.4
Overall dimensions, mm. 235х220х140